Monday, August 13, 2007

Still Life - Apples

I enjoyed working on this still life and attempting to get the texture of the pottery just right. This little watercolor is on 140 lb. cold press paper measuring 6" x 8".


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I think you are i a very good place on your "journey"! This pot reads wonderfully textured and with a great shape. The old metal looks right, also. The only thing I would nit-pick would be that the shaded side of the apples in the most light should have darker shadows. I agree, shading and shadows can be the most difficult part of painting something like this, but they add to much!

I usually start out with a darker mixture of the local color and if that doesn't give it enough punch I add either a cool or warm counter punch, depending on what contrasts with the temp of the object, i.e. warm vs. cool and vice versa.

This is a pleasing painting and you might want to use it for a study and make a larger one to keep!


4HisChurch said...

That's beautiful, Doris! The apples are very realistically rendered, IMO. I'm lucky to live in the apple capital up here in Adams County, PA. Great picture!

RHCarpenter said...

Doris, this is lovely and those apples look like I could pick one off the screen :) Susan already gave you great advice on the shadows and my addition would be the inside of the bowl could go darker. Other than that, I agree to keep this as a study and do a bigger one because it's well worth it and would make a great addition to anyone's kitchen or dining room.

denise said...

Doris, I'm so amazed with the realism of these apples and the pot! I think you have found your niche'---painting still life! you should think about going to Surtex next year and displaying your works for licensing!