Monday, February 23, 2009


Zoey is a chocolate and tan cocker spaniel puppy. She's 10 weeks old and full of love and lots of energy. Here she is at rest after a morning of running and playing with her new sibling, Roxie. Roxie is an adorable miniature pincher who has welcomed this newcomer into her home quite graciously. These wonderful pets do not live with us but are part of our family of precious pooches. Zoey is an intelligent little girl who loves to run and play but immediately settles for a snuggle when picked up. Well, I guess she's pretty much perfect! Welcome to the family, Zoey!

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Kent said...

Zoey is soooo cute! She looks like my Calhoun when he was a baby - he's black and tan. This is Emily's friend Kent "Peach" by the way :o) I love your photography!