Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Digital Art - An Explanation

Since I have been posting my digital artwork, several people have emailed me about what it actually is. I thought since I've had several enquiries, I'd post a before and after image. So here goes!

This is the ho-hum "before" photo
Some may recognize this reference photo from a painting I did last year.

This is the digital art created from the photo

As you can see, the "before photo" was a nice but standard photograph taken on a back road with little in the way of interesting background. The digital artwork I created from the photo shows off the vintage Porsche beautifully against a vivid background. Most of the elements in the photo were used but I removed some of the telephone and electric poles and created more visual contrast. This is perfect for enlarging and framing as a photo or making into a large poster. If you're looking for the perfect and very personal Christmas gift, I happen to have special pricing for the holidays. Digital art is very affordable and can be created from photos of all kinds of subjects as you can see from other posts on this blog. I'd be happy to email you the info. Just click here.

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